Powerful Feminine Leadership:
Mastermind Benefits

I am committed and serious about taking my business and life to the next level of freedom and impact.

As a member of the Powerful Feminine Leadership Mastermind program, I will receive the following benefits:

Vision Clarification™ Meeting with Alexis (the Vision):

First, we talk privately for 60-90 minutes about your business and your life. You tell me where you are and where you think you want to go. Together, we will get clear on the plan for YOUR next level.

  • It might mean you are going to offer a new program.
  • Maybe you are going to take some of your programs off the table.
  • Could be that you are going to increase sales or get your name out there at a bigger level.
  • Perhaps you are going to start saying no a whole lot more often.
  • Or it could mean that you are going to double your revenues or even increase them by ten times.
  • It could even mean that you are going to break 7-figures.

Monthly Private Call with Alexis (the Mentor):

Then, we get together once a month so I can hold the space for your highest vision and keep you on track to reach your next level by providing specific direction for you to take on a monthly basis. You’ve already proven you can do it, now it’s time to smooth out the herky jerky zig zag your business has become into a curvy line of grace and ease. You are ready to build a business you can count on and have the freedom you know is possible, but may not quite be experiencing yet, while serving at the deepest level.

Bi-Monthly Private Call with Jolette Jai (the Guide):

Then, you get together once every other week with Jolette Jai to keep you on track and accountable for all the nitty-gritty details of what exactly you need to implement in your business. Once Alexis provides you with specific direction on how to reach your next level, then you’ll have your own personal guide to walk you hand-in-hand through the unique weekly steps that you’ll need to take to follow to stay on track with your new business vision.

Monthly Check-In Mastermind Call with Entire Group (the Tent):

Think of this as the Red Tent (if you haven’t read the book, do). Each month, the entire Powerful Feminine Leadership Mastermind will come together in the Tent (by phone). We tell the stories of our business just like the women in Leah and Rachel’s tent told stories of their lives.

Our participation in this coming together of women holds us to the highest version of our vision. The women in the tent with you will reflect back that highest version of yourself.

Naturally, what emerges from this kind of regular communion is a unified support system based on love, respect and honor for each other. It’s the foundation for the NEW ECONOMY in action – collaboration beyond the edge of competition. The monthly tent call is the foundation.

Monthly In-Person Gathering - The Women of the Tent Mastermind You and Your Business (the Mirror):

Every month during the 6 month program, the women of the Tent come together to hear you, SEE YOU and reflect back to you the highest vision of you and you in your business. Each monthly event is hosted by Jolette Jai with Alexis attending three of our six events. Share your vision, what you need, what you want, where you are stuck or uncertain. The Tent is a safe space to test your offer, your words, your images, and your execution before putting it all out there. There is no better way to see yourself than reflected in the eyes of others who believe in you and know what’s really possible. The women of the tent will be the mirror that reflects your highest you.

Private Email Group (the Firepit):

Gather around the Firepit and leverage the wisdom of the women in the Tent to support the execution of your vision. You do not have to do this alone. On a weekly (or even daily) basis, you’ll connect with the group by email. You need something – support, a resource, direction, a gut check – to move you through a place of stuck and you come to the Firepit and ask for it.

It’s at the Firepit that you begin to see the patterns that are keeping you held back and gain the support you need to move through challenges. It’s perfect for women like you who love to give because giving at the Firepit is directly rewarded with receiving. Challenges become opportunities for growth and you are able to capitalize on the opportunity because you have the support you need to do it.

Being a woman who is really making it in business can be incredibly isolating. We do our best work in groups. The private email group is the firepit and hearth of our group.

Access to Alexis' Hot Springs, Hot Business, Hot Life Retreat Like No Other Business Retreat, May 5-15th:

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What Other Women Entrepreneurs Have To Say

Lisa Sasevich“What a blessing, to find a trained lawyer, a killer business strategist and a successful online and offline marketer all rolled into one beautiful and authentic person! Alexis, thank you for bringing your unique and powerful skills and clear insights into my life. I thank my lucky start I got access to you before the TV Networks sweep you away!”

—Lisa Sasevich
“Queen of Sales Conversion"

Tina Forsyth“I just got off the phone with Alexis and my head is bursting with ideas. In just a quick 30 minutes she was able to hone in on the heart of what I am creating in my business and shared some excellent suggestions re: things that I simply hadn’t thought of before (and quite honestly couldn’t see myself.) I got more from Alexis in this short call than I have from day-long trainings I’ve attended in the past, she’s simply awesome.”

—Tina Forsyth www.OnlineBusinessManager.com

Dr. Mollie Marti“Alexis Neely is a top-notch business strategist. She connects at a heart level while using her brilliant legal and business mind to guide her clients into smart action mode. In less than 30 minutes, she had deftly shifted me into crystal clarity about my online business launch, who I best serve and how to best serve them. Thank you, Alexis, for empowering me to help more people!”

— Dr. Mollie Marti, Founder

Kendall SummerHawk“I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Alexis for helping me create and launch a 6-figure program this year. I had been struggling with how to design it and the right way to get the message about it out to people. In no time at all, she showed me exactly what to do. She and Dave are truly brilliant at helping entrepreneurs design high income businesses, without giving up their heart or values — I love that!”

—Kendall SummerHawk
Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Sheri McConnell“Alexis has this amazing gift as an entrepreneur; she can look at your business and see all the moving parts and then at the same time see how it all relates to the big picture of how you will make money now and in the future. When you are working with her, you know you have tapped pure entrepreneurial brilliance!”

—Sheri McConnell
Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning