Powerful Feminine Leadership: Co-Creation Mastermind & Mentorship

Finally have crystal clear clarity and a step by step blueprint for enjoying the business and life you’ve always wanted -

Dear Powerful Feminine Leader,

You’ve accomplished so much already – you’ve either broken 6-figures or you are oh so close. You know how to get things done. And you are good at it. You’ve proven to yourself and others you can have your own business.

Now, it’s time to laser focus that get’r-done-ability into a kick-ass streamlined, freedom-based business that allows you to serve at the deepest possible level, be thrilled with your income and live the life you went into business to create.

You ready?

I’ve done it time and time again and now I want to help you do it too.

You are on the edge of transformation and I will show you how to leap to the next level of your business and stay grounded in the most powerful feminine version of you possible while doing it.

I’ve done it both ways – in my first business, I hit a million bucks of revenue and the money was great, but I was doing it like a man. And, it hurt – a lot.

In my second business, I vowed to lead more like a woman and we hit the 7-figure mark within 18 months.

Since then, I’ve been experimenting with the flow of masculine and feminine in that business while beginning two others (one in partnership with a boyfriend who has remained my partner even as our relationship moves out of the romantic realm).

What I’ve discovered is…

There is a sweet spot for women in business that allows us to bring the most powerful qualities of the divine feminine to our leadership while maintaining enough masculine energy to move things forward.

When we are standing full in powerful feminine leadership, business moves forward in flow and harmony with grace and ease without the painful push and striving that often accompanies the masculine drive and competitive, adversarial nature.

Over the next 6 months, we will stand together as powerful feminine leaders allowing that reality into our own lives.

  • You will discover and embody your own unique offering from a deep awareness of who you really are and how you want to serve in the world
  • You will package and price your offer(s) from an unquestionable knowing of what is right for your businesses, your life, and your people.
  • You will choose the path of presenting your offering(s) in the way(s) that most resonate with the truth of who you are – not because it’s what the latest guru says to do, but because you know it’s the right way for your message, your most perfect people, and your work.
  • You will have crystal clear clarity about who you need on your team, what they will do, how they will be compensated, and what success looks like … and you will no longer wonder what you have a right to expect from the people who work with you.

Come July 2011, your business will have leaped forward to that next level you know is there, but may not have a clear picture or vision of right now.

But, don’t worry if you can’t quite make out the vision. As long as you know it’s there, it’s right around the corner and I will help you see it and reach it.

Because I’ve been there several times with my own businesses and in my own life, I can hold the vision for you. I know what the next level looks like for you and I will guide you to see it and take the necessary steps to be there.

So, that’s how the Powerful Feminine Leadership Mastermind begins.

First, we’ll talk for a good long while about your business and your life. You tell me where you are and where you think you want to go. We will determine exactly what the next level means for you and co-create a specific plan to help you gracefully soar to your next level. For you:

  • It might mean that you are going to offer a new program.
  • It might mean that you are going to take some of your programs off the table.
  • It might mean that you are going to increase sales or get your name out there at a bigger level.
  • It might mean you are going to start saying no a whole lot more often.
  • Or it could mean that you are going to double your revenues or even increase them by ten times.
  • It could even mean that you are going to break 7-figures OR
  • That you are going to let it all go in favor of something much greater than all of that.

By the end of our conversation, you will have the custom blueprint for the next level of your business and your life.

Then, for the first half of 2011, we’ll work together to make sure your next level plan gets carried out - in a way that feels really good to you.

By the end of July 2011, you will feel like (and be) a new woman...

  • You will have stepped into the next level of your business, not based on some default of what you think that should look like, but with a clear and certain knowing of exactly what next level is right for you. (It’s easy to get trapped into masculine business growth patterns that take us far, far away from what we really want in life.)
  • You will have developed powerful feminine leadership skills that you can always rely upon to help you make the right decisions and feel good about how you are showing up in your business.
  • You will no longer be charging for your time hourly (ever again!) and instead will have packaged and priced your offerings in a way that feels totally honoring to you and your clients. And you’ll be on track to make the money you, your family and your business needs.
  • You will remember what you want from your life and why you went into business and have the tools you need to hold onto that vision and stay out of the depression, confusion, comparison despair, and frustration that we are so susceptible to as entrepreneurs (especially those of us with a true feminine essence.)

Love and blessings,


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Alexis Neely

What Other Women Entrepreneurs Have To Say

Lisa Sasevich“What a blessing, to find a trained lawyer, a killer business strategist and a successful online and offline marketer all rolled into one beautiful and authentic person! Alexis, thank you for bringing your unique and powerful skills and clear insights into my life. I thank my lucky start I got access to you before the TV Networks sweep you away!”

—Lisa Sasevich
“Queen of Sales Conversion"

Tina Forsyth“I just got off the phone with Alexis and my head is bursting with ideas. In just a quick 30 minutes she was able to hone in on the heart of what I am creating in my business and shared some excellent suggestions re: things that I simply hadn’t thought of before (and quite honestly couldn’t see myself.) I got more from Alexis in this short call than I have from day-long trainings I’ve attended in the past, she’s simply awesome.”

—Tina Forsyth www.OnlineBusinessManager.com

Dr. Mollie Marti“Alexis Neely is a top-notch business strategist. She connects at a heart level while using her brilliant legal and business mind to guide her clients into smart action mode. In less than 30 minutes, she had deftly shifted me into crystal clarity about my online business launch, who I best serve and how to best serve them. Thank you, Alexis, for empowering me to help more people!”

— Dr. Mollie Marti, Founder

Kendall SummerHawk“I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Alexis for helping me create and launch a 6-figure program this year. I had been struggling with how to design it and the right way to get the message about it out to people. In no time at all, she showed me exactly what to do. She and Dave are truly brilliant at helping entrepreneurs design high income businesses, without giving up their heart or values — I love that!”

—Kendall SummerHawk
Million Dollar Marketing Coach

Sheri McConnell“Alexis has this amazing gift as an entrepreneur; she can look at your business and see all the moving parts and then at the same time see how it all relates to the big picture of how you will make money now and in the future. When you are working with her, you know you have tapped pure entrepreneurial brilliance!”

—Sheri McConnell
Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning


Mastermind Benefits

  • Vision Clarification™ Meeting with Alexis (the Vision)

  • Monthly Private Call with Alexis (the Mentor)

  • Monthly Private Call with Jolette Jai (the Guide)

  • Monthly Check-In Mastermind Call with Entire Group (the Tent)

  • Monthly In-Person Gathering - The Women of the Tent Mastermind You and Your Business (the Mirror)

  • Private Email Group (the Firepit)

  • Access to Alexis' Hot Springs, Hot Business, Hot Life Retreat Like No Other Business Retreat, May 5-15th

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